Fulvia Rabidstrike

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Fulvia Rabidstrike is an Iron Legion soldier found at Swordcross Outpost. She seems to care a lot about retaking Ascalon City and she will do everything in her power to reclaim it for the charr.



This outpost is a vital frontline base to our push into Ascalon City. We'll retake our lands yet!
Talk more option tango.png
What is this base?
Swordcross Outpost. The Iron Legion established this camp so we could have a base to launch missions to the wall.
Talk more option tango.png
Why is Ascalon City so important to you? (Same as "What's so special about..." below)
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New Transition
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What's so special about Ascalon City?
(snort) <Character's race>... of course I don't expect you to understand. Ascalon City belongs to the charr. It was stolen from us and now it's occupied by the human ghosts.
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But is this effort worth the material and lives lost?
There is no price too great to pay to clear our land from these intruders. Ascalon City will once again belong to the charr.
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Then I'll let you get back to your crusade.
Talk end option tango.png
Then I should let you get back to work.
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Good luck to you.


  • She wears Blood Legion armor, but her dialogue indicates she is Iron Legion.
  • She says "<Character's race>... of course I don't expect you to understand." to charrs as well