Infinite Watchknight Tonic

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Infinite Watchknight Tonic.png

Infinite Watchknight Tonic

Item type
Account Bound
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Infinite Watchknight Tonic effect.jpg

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Combat Transformation: Double-click to transform into a watchknight. Double-click again to end the transformation.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
BLING-9009 Mistlock Observatory
Mistlock Sanctuary
Fractals of the Mists
The Mists
Integrated Fractal Matrix.png
 + 15 Laurel.png
Black Lion Commemorative Sprocket
20 Black Lion Commemorative Sprocket.png
Festival Rewards Vendor Bazaar Docks
The Crown Pavilion (zone)
Hooligan's Route
Labyrinthine Cliffs
Lion's Arch
1,600 Festival Token.png
 + 1 Laurel.png
Jale Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Jocasta Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Laurel Merchant Commodore's Quarter
Fort Marriner
The Upper City
Creator's Commons
Garden of Dusk
Memorial Quadrant
The Great Lodge
Havoc's Heir
Mistlock Observatory
Hall of Memories
Lion's Arch
Lion's Arch
Divinity's Reach
Rata Sum
The Grove
Black Citadel
Snowblind Peaks
Fractals of the Mists
Heart of the Mists
25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Merit Professor Rizzak Mistlock Sanctuary The Mists 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Nicola Champion's Rest Heart of the Mists 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Varka Lava Lounge Osprey Pillars 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Sonder the Seller Hooligan's Route Lion's Arch
1,600 Festival Token.png
 + 1 Laurel.png


Clockwork Chaos Completionist Clockwork Chaos 50Achievement points
Complete achievements from either this category or Clockwork Chaos dailies.
Reward:Infinite Watchknight Tonic.png Infinite Watchknight Tonic
17 Achievements Completed 50Achievement points


  • The effect lasts for 15 minutes.
  • The transformation shows your weapons
  • Can be used in WvW and inside dungeons, as of the February 8 patch.
  • You cannot use siege (WvW) or mounts while transformed by this tonic.
  • The tonic is a combat transformation, meaning you can still fight and use all your skills while transformed.
  • Back items are not displayed when using this tonic.