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Jackal Treat

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Jackal Treat

Item type
Account Bound
Game link
Double-click to consume.
A nutritious and magic-imbued snack made specifically for jackals! Double-click to feed this to your jackal.

Gives bonus Mastery experience once per day.

Unlock: Finish the Skimmer Search
Collection to unlock.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Purchasable after completing the Jackal Reconnaissance achievement.

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Drojkor, Spirit Squall Sand Jackal Run The Desolation 2,100 Karma.png


Prior to the completion of the Jackal Reconnaissance achievement, this item can be received from four different NPCs by performing specific tasks:


  • Multiple copies can be used in a single day, but only the first used in that day will award experience.
    • Consuming more than one on the same day will cause the jackal to only perform one of its idle animations for the subsequent ones.
  • Provides 31,800 
    towards any Path of Fire mastery tracks when consumed.
  • Players must be mounted on their jackal to be able to use it, otherwise they will receive the message "You must be on a jackal, out of combat, and have not recently consumed a jackal treat to use this treat".

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