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Slay the octovine! (eastgate)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the eastgate event. For other events, see Slay the octovine!.

Slay the octovine!

Interactive map

Interactive map

Slay the octovine! is a level 80 events that occur near the eastgate during the Battle in Tarir (meta event) as part of the Battle in Tarir map meta event.



Primary article: Battle in Tarir

Players grab the Exalted Bombs at the start then glide and use the updraft to drop them towards the octovine. Take care when gliding to avoid the red poisonous gas launched by the Mordrem Bristleback Alphas below. A single player can remove three slime layers, with each bomb removing one layer each. However, the bombs must be dropped towards the top of the octovine (where the red reticule is) and not towards its base to remove a slime layer.

Enchanted Armors are generally not required here but should mostly focus on moving Triggerblossoms away from the octovine and damaging the octovine once it is vulnerable. Triggerblossoms and enemies can be ignored entirely through gliding and by stepping out of their range.

This lane requires the least amount of players due to the relative ease of difficulty.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Drop Bomb.png Drop Bomb Drop a bomb while gliding.
2 Drop Bomb.png Drop Bomb Drop a bomb while gliding.
3 Drop Bomb.png Drop Bomb Drop a bomb while gliding.
5 Return.png Relinquish Relinquish the bombs you are carrying.
  • If the player has "Autotargeting", "Promote Skill Target", and "Snap Ground Target to Current Target" checked (turned on) in Options > General Options > Combat/Movement, the Exalted Bomb target circle will snap to the octovine's lower hitbox during most of the glide, causing the bomb to miss (only the upper hitbox scores a hit against the slime shield).
    • This is apparently due to the lower hitbox being farther forward and thus closer to the player during the glide, causing this combination of autotargeting to choose the lower hitbox instead of the upper hitbox no matter how the player attempts to position the target circle. Only during the final portion of a glide when the player is almost over the octovine is the distance to the upper hitbox shorter than to the lower hitbox, allowing the autotargeting to sometimes choose the upper hitbox instead, and by then it's usually too late to get all three bombs to hit.
    • Simply unchecking (turning off) "Snap Ground Target to Current Target" for this event will allow normal control over the Exalted Bomb target circle during the glide, and a much higher likelihood of a successful bombing run.






Sage Siegemaster: I have more bombs for you. Come and get them.

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