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Slay the octovine! (northgate)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the northgate event. For other events, see Slay the octovine!.

Slay the octovine!

Interactive map

Interactive map

Slay the octovine! is a level 80 events that occur near the northgate during the Battle in Tarir (meta event) as part of the Battle in Tarir map meta event.



Primary article: Battle in Tarir

Players equip the Bramble Begone bundle at the start. Herbicide Spray is used to destroy the vine walls that surround the octovine (not the octovine itself). Once these vines are removed, build Herbicide Turrets and  Detonate Net Turret.png Fire to remove one slime layer per shot. The turrets are very vulnerable and will be destroyed by a single hit from an enemy. The outer vines periodically regenerate and can also be destroyed once all slime layers have been removed, bypassing the use of Herbicide Spray.

Each player can remove six layers with a single, fresh turret. Alacrity and quickness can allow for an additional shot before the turret expires. The skill works similarly to a mortar and must have line of sight with the octovine. If used correctly, the skill will leave a damaging area of effect field at the base of the octovine while dropping a slime layer stack. The turret can be placed a little further back to avoid this field.

Enchanted Armors should focus on clearing a path to the octovine by moving the Triggerblossoms away and disabling the Mordrem Arrowhead and Elite Mordrem Crushers by breaking their Defiance bar. Avoid disabling the Arrowhead and allow it to roll away if it is near or on top of the octovine. If not, the next attack after it recovers will down all players and destroy all turrets. Mordrems Crushers can knockdown players and destroy turrets with their conal smash. Defiance bars can be broken in one or two hits using a combination of Heavy Weight, Compulsion, or Freezing Blast, with the first two skills used to reposition enemies.

This lane can be moderately difficult due to mechanical failure (especially due to the below bug) or poor enemy management. Prioritize killing the Mordrem Breacher first then the enemies it spawns to prevent premature destruction of turrets. Enemies will respawn indefinitely if the Mordrem Breacher remains alive. If the spawned enemies are not killed before the next Mordrem Breacher spawns, it is possible to have multiple sets of enemies present (e.g. four Elite Mordrem Crushers instead of two).

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Bramble Begone
1 Antitoxin Spray.png Herbicide Spray 20.25¼ 1 Spray a cone of herbicide to damage bramble vines.
2 Herbicide Turret.png Herbicide Turret Convert your weapon into a turret that fires a concentrated blast of herbicide. Requires 99 ammunition.
Herbicide Turret
1 Detonate Net Turret.png Fire 80.25¼ 5 Press and hold to fire a shot. Hold down to shoot farther. Turret will be destroyed.
  • The Herbicide Spray usually has no effect on the vine walls as of an unknown date. This can be bypassed by placing and using the Herbicide Turrets right next to the octovine, making sure the turrets have line of sight. However, this skill works as intended in the Help Gammalon Vineripper destroy the brambles and clear a path to the Exalted event.
  • Although the vine walls are immune to conditions and damage, the fire field from the Skyscale's  Blast.png Blast engage skill can damage them. Three or four of these fields are enough to destroy the wall.





Event start
Priory Alchemist: Mordrem won't be taking Tarir today. Not if I can help it.
Priory Alchemist: We have plenty of devices handy. Use them to your advantage.

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