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Slay the octovine! (northgate)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the northgate event. For other events, see Slay the octovine!.

Slay the octovine!

Interactive map

Interactive map

Slay the octovine! is a level 80 events that occur near the northgate during the Battle in Tarir map meta-event.



Primary article: Battle in Tarir

Players equip the Bramble Begone bundle at the start of the room and shoot them at the octovine to decrease the slime layers, while Enchanted Armor users focus on protecting the players by knocking/pulling away Triggerblossoms, and disabling/killing enemies.

Herbicide Spray is used to destroy the vine walls that surround the octovine (not the octovine itself). Once these vines are removed, build Herbicide Turrets and use its  Detonate Net Turret.png Fire skill to remove one slime layer per shot. The skill works similarly to a mortar. The skill does deal damage to allies, so it is recommended to set up the Herbicide Turret a little further back, so that the user and turret are not affected by friendly fire.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Bramble Begone
1 Antitoxin Spray.png Herbicide Spray 20.25¼ 1 Spray a cone of herbicide to damage bramble vines.
2 Herbicide Turret.png Herbicide Turret Convert your weapon into a turret that fires a concentrated blast of herbicide. Requires 99 ammunition.
Herbicide Turret
1 Detonate Net Turret.png Fire 80.25¼ 5 Press and hold to fire a shot. Hold down to shoot farther. Turret will be destroyed.





Event start
Priory Alchemist: Mordrem won't be taking Tarir today. Not if I can help it.
Priory Alchemist: We have plenty of devices handy. Use them to your advantage.

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