Slay the octovine! (westgate)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the westgate event. For other events, see Slay the octovine!.
Slay the octovine! is a level 80 events that occur near the westgate during the Battle in Tarir map meta-event.



Primary article: Battle in Tarir

To make the octovine vulnerable, players step into the green gassy circle at the start (near the skritt) and transform into a Sporeling. They then need to make their way to the octovine and explode under it, with each explosion removing 2 layers of slime. The mushrooms are slow and very vulnerable: a single hit will knock players out of the transformation. The room also spawns enemies that will actively hunt down mushrooms.

Transformed players can choose to go straight across the room, avoiding Stoneheads and Triggerblossoms by using  
Cap Hop.png
 Jump and gliding over these immediate hazards. Alternatively, they can take a safer path along the room's edges, using the Speed Boost Mushrooms and jumping onto the walls.

Enchanted Armors need to control enemies to keep them away from transformed players. Kill Mordrem Breachers that spawn these enemies.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Cap Launch.png
 Poison Spores
10.25¼ 1 Spread poison spores, and return to your natural form.
Cap Hop.png
10 Jump high in the air.
Return (hylek transformation).png
1 Force yourself to return to your natural form.





Mushroom Master: 'Shroom magic makes big vine slime weaker. Get it?
Mushroom Master: Need more 'shroom magic? I got plenty.

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