Legionnaire Aestiva Scribesort

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Legionnaire Aestiva Scribesort


Interactive map

Legionnaire Aestiva Scribesort of the Iron Legioncan be found standing on the ramp leading into the Black Citadel from the Village of Smokestead on the Plains of Ashford. She also appears in the end cinematic of the charr tutorial mission, Fury of the Dead, and assigns the player their next mission to help locals in Smokestead.



Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


This is Smokestead. Hold your tongue, keep your head down, finish whatever business you have here, and get out. Enjoy your stay.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
If charr
Let's see a little of that initiative you showed on the battlefield, soldier. Now that you're home, get out there, and get this place back in order.
Talk end option tango.png Will do, Legionnaire.