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Kirt is a charr cub in the fahrar run by primus Menecia Cubminder near the Village of Smokestead. He prefers studying rather than fighting, and he's often picked on for it.




When our fahrar instructor said we were going outside to study, I thought maybe we were going to be observing plantlife. But it turns out it's just the same old thing we do inside—hand-to-hand combat.
(If charr)
Talk more option tango.png Why don't you suggest that to your primus?
Maybe fahrars were different back when you were a cub, but if I asked if we could study anything that wasn't potentially fatal, I'd be kicked out of the fahrar and have to go back to live with my parents.
Talk end option tango.png Actually, it sounds like fahrars haven't changed a bit.
Talk more option tango.png Why don't you suggest that to your instructor?
Are you kidding? I'm already the joke of the fahrar. They target me during pounce drills and bludgeon practice. And they call me names like "egghead" and "brainiac" and "asura."
(If asura)
Talk more option tango.png Then tell them "Thanks for the compliment."
Sorry, I didn't realize you were asura when I said that. What was I thinking? I can be such a norn sometimes.
Talk end option tango.png Well, good luck at bludgeoning practice.
Talk end option tango.png Well, I guess cubs can be cruel.
Talk end option tango.png The important thing is you're getting an education.