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Plains of Ashford[edit]

Level Location Event
2 Gunbreach Hills Reclaim the armory from the Flame Legion
2 Gunbreach Hills Herd cattle into the pen
2 Gunbreach Hills Protect the armory from the Flame Legion
2 Village of Smokestead Prevent a brawl between the three legions
3 Gunbreach Hills Protect the weapon parts from the Flame Legion
3 Devourer's Mouth Lure out devourers to get at their eggs
3 Tela Range Recover cannonballs from the skritt
3 Gunbreach Hills Kill the rampaging skale
4 Gunbreach Hills Clear the Flame Legion cave near the Wrecking Yard
4 Lake Feritas Clear the lake of tar elementals
4 Lake Feritas Kill the Flame Legion Ritualists to stop their summoning of embers
4 Lake Feritas Kill the rock drake broodmother
5 Facula Castrum Destroy the Flame Legion braziers
5 Facula Castrum Defeat the Flame Legion Shaman
6 Victor's Presidium Break the morale of the attacking harpies and defend the mortars
6 Old Duke's Estate Stay near the Crush cubs and keep the ghosts away
6 Charr's Triumph Protect the Containment Unit
6 Victor's Presidium Kill earth elementals and gather lodestones for Tatsu Farkill
7 Martyr's Woods Defeat the enraged grawl rampaging through Martyr's Woods
7 Martyr's Woods Dispatch Captain Calhaan's ghost
7 Victor's Presidium Find the missing scout and escort her back to Sharptail
7 Agnos Gorge Kill the grawl shamans before they complete their ritual
8 Agnos Gorge Drive the grawl away from Badazar's, no...Balthazar's statue
8 Charr's Triumph Destroy the effigy before it reaches the Victory Cenotaph
8 Clavent Falls Defend the beehives from hungry bears
10 Barradin's Vaults Defeat the Ascalonian soldier, Horace
10 Barradin's Vaults Defeat the Ascalonian soldier, Ivor Trueshot
10 Lake Adorea Defeat the disturbed shade of Grazden the Protector
10 Devast District Defend Spirit Hunter Camp from ghostly invaders
10 Devast District Destroy the Separatist catapults and roadblock
10 Devast District Drive the Ascalonian ghosts from Spirit Hunter Camp
10 The Toppled Wall Recover stolen supply containers from harpies for Explorer Erin
11 Phasmatis Corridor Defend Swordcross command post from ghosts
12 Ascalon Basin Assist Legionnaire Burnwhite in repairing the Iron Barracuda
12 Ascalon Basin Destroy the Separatist camp
12 Ascalon Basin Kill the Separatists before they destroy the Iron Barracuda
12 Loreclaw Expanse Kill the Shadow Skelk Matriarch
13 Ascalon Basin Defeat the dread skale
13 Cadem Forest Drive the ogres from their watchtower by killing their scouts
14 Cadem Forest Drive off the ogres attacking Watchcrag Tower
15 Cadem Forest Capture Stonecrag Kraal
16 Loreclaw Expanse Kill the Shadow Skelk Matriarch
 ? Old Duke's Estate Capture ghosts for Jenk Cutspecter using his ghost collector
 ? Lake Feritas Help Marik Grimeclaw safely deliver his report to Tela Range
 ? Charr's Triumph Kill the Lava Shaman
 ? Decimus Stones Protect Hauntsmash as he plants charges
 ? Human's Lament Protect the demolition team
 ? Charr's Triumph Protect the engineers repairing the Victory Cenotaph
 ? Phasmatis Corridor Protect the siege team as they approach the wall
 ? Decimus Stones Escort Vhes Hauntslayer and her warband
 ? Ascalon City Ruins Destroy the Ascalonian Scholar Statue
 ? Ascalon City Ruins Destroy the Ghostly Trebuchet on the Bridge
 ? Ascalon City Ruins Destroy the Ghostly Trebuchet on the Hill
 ? Ascalon City Ruins Kill Siegemaster Lormar

Diessa Plateau[edit]

Level Location Event
15 Halrunting Plains Defend Rimtooth, the pack marmox, from dredge
16 Halrunting Plains Defeat Azalus Poisontongue
16 Village of Butcher's Block Defeat the plains wurm before Karris Quickcalm must return to Butcher's Block
16 Ruins of Oldgate Defend Rhell Crankmane while he sets up his ghost control machines
17 Gram Hills Stop the dredge from stealing equipment and returning it to their personnel transports
17 Wodron Glens Clear the field of wurms and wurm mounds for the cow race
17 Wodron Glens Put on a cow disguise and demonstrate techniques to the cows
18 Town of Nageling Defeat the giant assaulting the Town of Nageling
20 Blackblade Lake Defend Kyron Darkshield from the Flame Legion as she fixes the water processors
22 The Breached Wall Return the stolen cattle to Stonefall Estate
23 Nemus Groves Defend Faint Ghostnight as he searches for a new devourer egg
23 Sanctum Way Recover the scattered pieces of scrap metal for Savor Foulnight
23 Bulliyak Arsenal Defend Bloodsaw Mill from the Flame Legion
24 Bulliyak Arsenal Defeat Hazarar Razenight
24 Sanctum Way Help the Night warband reach Incendio Templum
25 Incendio Templum Capture Incendio Templum from the Flame Legion before reinforcements arrive
25 Incendio Templum Prevent the Flame Legion from retaking Incendio Templum
29 Newbeach Bluffs Destroy the pirate cannons before the villagers surrender
 ? Bulliyak Arsenal Recapture Bloodsaw Mill from the Flame Legion
 ? Breachwater Lake Ward off Separatists attacking Raintimber Bridge

Fields of Ruin[edit]

Level Location Event

Blazeridge Steppes[edit]

Level Location Event
47 Heretic Plain Harvest earth elemental lodestones for Seegor's brew
 ? Lowland Burns Escort the Sentinel squad to the Vigil camp in Lowland Burns
 ? Steeleye Span Defend Steeleye Span's north wall
 ? Steeleye Span Protect Tribune Steelgrip
 ? Lowland Burns Slay the Shatterer
 ?  ? Stop the skritt from stealing turret parts
 ?  ? Protect Rupek and Porgar while they gather water
 ?  ? Collect artifacts from Serenity Temple for Cerin
 ?  ? Free Jaren from the Inquest pod


Level Location Event

Kessex Hills[edit]

Level Location Event

Gendarran Fields[edit]

Level Location Event
25  ? Disrupt the Tamini by killing their leaders
27 Blood Hill Camps Attack rock dogs until they rebel against the centaurs
27 Nebo Terrace Prevent the centaurs from capturing Nebo Terrace
27 Nebo Valley Reclaim Nebo Terrace from the centaurs
29 Ascalon Settlement Liberate Ascalon Settlement from the centaurs
30 Ascalon Settlement Slay the centaur war beast
30  ? Save the hamlet from pirates
 ?  ? Kill the giant scavenger
 ?  ? Kill the Harathi bombarder and warmaster