Recover the scattered pieces of scrap metal for Savor Foulnight

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Recover the scattered pieces of scrap metal for Savor Foulnight

Interactive map

Interactive map

Recover the scattered pieces of scrap metal for Savor Foulnight is a level 23 event in Sanctum Way. It is part of the Flame Legion Battles meta event.


  • Pieces of Scrap Metal
  • Event bar.jpg Jagged Metal Scrap.png
  • Your contribution: x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 934 Experience.png 122 Karma 28 Copper coin
Silver 794 Experience.png 104 Karma 24 Copper coin
Bronze 701 Experience.png 92 Karma 21 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 23 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before the event starts
Bartol Jigsaw: Legionnaire, all threats have been neutralized, but the mill has some damages.
Joda Barbsaw: Our output will continue to decline until we can make those repairs. Go find our engineer.
Bartol Jigsaw: Understood.
Bartol Jigsaw: The mill is in need of immediate repairs. Stop standing around and do your job!
Savor Foulnight: Can't. We're out of supplies. But, luckily, we have a delivery on its way. I was expecting them before the attack.
Savor Foulnight: I could use some assistance unloading the supplies when it arrives. Can you send some workers this way?
Bartol Jigsaw: All right. Just remember we need those repairs done as soon as possible.
Flame Legion Shaman: Sanctify with fire! It consumes your soul, heretic!
Savor Foulnight: Uh-oh! Damn traitors! What do they want with a marmox? It's carrying our supplies!
Flame Legion Shaman: You cannot escape! Fire burns all unbelievers! Even their mules!
Savor Foulnight: No! Our supplies!
Savor Foulnight: With a blast that size, our supplies couldn't avoid being destroyed. Pieces everywhere. Hmmm.
Savor Foulnight: I can still use most of it. They obviously weren't aware of my impressive engineering skills! Haha!
Upon event start
Savor Foulnight: Bring me what you can! I'll have this mill repaired yet!
When progress is full
Savor Foulnight: This is looking good. I should be able to make repairs now. Bring me any extras if you have them.
Upon successful completion
Savor Foulnight: All right. Time to get the mill fixed up.
Savor Foulnight: The mill is fully operational. Ready to stamp out some flames, Rankar.
Rankar Harrownight: Good to hear, soldier.