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Skill Lists[edit]

After a discussion in the Community Portal, User:Noxx worked on a new model of skill lists that could display skill facts, together with User:Chieftain Alex. The result has not been implemented in the wiki due to concerns about loading time; and mostly, as I learned later, because the lists are autocategorized among combo effects (oops). I have adapted their work into a template that keeps the skill facts, among other changes. Here are what some of the skill lists would look like under this other format:

Soldier Skills[edit]

Adventurer Skills[edit]

Scholar Skills[edit]

Trait Lists[edit]

Just links to the standard trait lists. To be honest, the traits could show their skill facts (...trait facts?) too. But I really don't want to make so many duplicate articles, so the existing lists it is.

Old Projects[edit]

  • Attribute documents the old attribute system, when we had attributes such as "Strength" and "Intelligence".
  • Energy documents the old energy system, when skills cost energy to be used and we had energy potions (!!!).
  • Development has a few personal notes and a few bits about the early development of GW2.
  • A few skill infoboxes back from 2012, when I was trying to make a different model of infoboxes and skill lists based on the original Guild Wars Wiki. The lists have become obsolete and were never that good anyway, but I have kept a few of the skill infoboxes as examples of the layout I was working at then.
  • Some item infoboxes as well, with the goal of having crafting lists. I'll probably consolidate those in a single page, like I did with the skill infoboxes. I miss the big icons we had in the original Guild Wars Wiki.
  • And this is... About kits? I have no idea what I had in mind when I made that.