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Help the cold and hungry dredge

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Help the cold and hungry dredge

(Thunderhead Peaks)
Renown NPC
Dredge Supplier Yuliya
You've proved your usefulness to the dredge.
Scout (map icon).png
Scout Enora

675 Karma.png
3 Silver coin 38 Copper coin

Interactive map

Destroy Branded dredge and Brand crystals, catch fish, and improve dredge morale.

— Heart objective

Help the cold and hungry dredge is a renown heart in the Dredgeways area of Thunderhead Peaks.


Contributing actions[edit]

  • Destroying the large Branded crystals using the ability that shows up when you go near one. — 4% heart progress
  • Catching Flopping Tuna using the tuna bait that can be found on ice floes in the nearby water.
    • This only gets a fish to jump to you if you're near a water geyser.
    • Placing Flopping Tuna into the buckets near the water — 10% heart progress
  • Catching a Flopping Tuna using the Tuna Bait so that the fish lands in the bucket (as in the Star Fishing achievement) — 20% heart progress
  • Picking the correct dialogue line when speaking to Discouraged Dredge Excavators - also found around the nearby water. — 10% heart progress (incorrect option yields 0% heart progress)
  • Kill Branded foes — 4% heart progress

Correct Dialogue Options[edit]

  • Dignity
    And if he were here now, he would thank you. You did the right thing.
  • Dignity
    The Brand had already taken them. You gave them peace. Don't forget that.
  • Dignity
    You'll go on knowing you did all that you could. For your people.

Completion mail[edit]


Dredge Supplier Yuliya

Loyalty Is Demonstrated through[sic] Labor

We have a few more fish to eat and more smiles around the table because of you. Thank you, comrade.

—Dredge Supplier Yuliya

Silver coin 38 Copper coin 675 Karma.png