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Disambig icon.png This article is about the exotic weapon set. For the weapon skins, see Guild weapon skins.

Guild weapons are a set of FExotic weapons. They can be purchased for 3 Gold coin and 4/5/7 Guild Commendations Guild Commendations from the Guild Commendation Trader in Lion's Arch.


All Guild weapons have the following bonuses and an empty upgrade slot:

Hand Power.png Power Precision.png Precision Ferocity.png Ferocity
One-handed +120 +85 +85
Two-handed +239 +171 +171


Hand Weapon Power
Main Hand
Guild Broad Axe.png Guild Broad Axe 857-1,048
Guild Razor.png Guild Razor 924-981
Guild Pummeler.png Guild Pummeler 895-1,010
Guild Quick Shot.png Guild Quick Shot 876-1,029
Guild Truncheon.png Guild Truncheon 895-1,010
Guild Spatha.png Guild Spatha 905-1,000
Off hand Guild Focus.png Guild Focus 832-883
Guild Warcaller.png Guild Warcaller 814-900
Guild Flame.png Guild Flame 789-926
Guild Tower Shield.png Guild Tower Shield 806-909
Terrestrial Guild Sunderer.png Guild Sunderer 995-1,100
Guild Crusher.png Guild Crusher 985-1,111
Guild Compound Bow.png Guild Compound Bow 920-1,080
Guild Sharp Shot.png Guild Sharp Shot 986-1,205
Guild Reflex Bow.png Guild Reflex Bow 905-1,000
Guild Pillar.png Guild Pillar 985-1,111
Aquatic Guild Harpoon Gun.png Guild Harpoon Gun 905-1,000
Guild Spear.png Guild Spear 905-1,000
Guild Trident.png Guild Trident 905-1,000



  • It takes a total of 57 Gold coin and 109 Guild Commendations Guild Commendations to complete the set.
  • The guild weapons are Soulbound on acquire. If you want to upgrade them make sure you buy them with the appropriate crafter.