Guild weapons

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the exotic weapon set. For the weapon skins, see Guild weapon skins.

Guild weapons

Guild weapons are a set of Exotic weapons with prefix Berserker's. They can be purchased for 3 Gold coin and 4/5/7 Guild Commendations Guild Commendations from the Guild Commendation Trader in Lion's Arch.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Guild Broad Axe.png Guild Broad Axe Axe
Guild Razor.png Guild Razor Dagger
Guild Pummeler.png Guild Pummeler Mace
Guild Quick Shot.png Guild Quick Shot Pistol
Guild Truncheon.png Guild Truncheon Scepter
Guild Spatha.png Guild Spatha Sword
Off hand
Guild Focus.png Guild Focus Focus
Guild Tower Shield.png Guild Tower Shield Shield
Guild Flame.png Guild Flame Torch
Guild Warcaller.png Guild Warcaller Warhorn
Guild Sunderer.png Guild Sunderer Greatsword
Guild Crusher.png Guild Crusher Hammer
Guild Compound Bow.png Guild Compound Bow Longbow
Guild Sharp Shot.png Guild Sharp Shot Rifle
Guild Reflex Bow.png Guild Reflex Bow Short bow
Guild Pillar.png Guild Pillar Staff
Guild Harpoon Gun.png Guild Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Guild Spear.png Guild Spear Spear
Guild Trident.png Guild Trident Trident



  • The guild weapons are Soulbound on acquire. If you want to upgrade them make sure you buy them with the appropriate crafter.