Kill the Flame Legion before they complete their ritual

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Kill the Flame Legion before they complete their ritual

Ironhead Lake
(Iron Marches)
Event type
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Dynamic event
Upon failure
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Defend the workers as they rebuild Dewclaw Village
Interactive map

Interactive map

Kill the Flame Legion before they complete their ritual is a level 52 event in Ironhead Lake.


  • Ritualists killed: x/3
  • Searing Ritual Progress
  • Event bar.jpg


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 4,286
252 Karma.png 59 Copper coin
Silver 3,643
215 Karma.png 50 Copper coin
Bronze 3,214
189 Karma.png 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 52 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Upon event start
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: These heretics stain our lands with their disbelief.
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: We must show them the might of Baelfire!
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: Yes, yes! Another searing would cleanse their filth and renew the faith.
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: Gather to the cauldron. We must harness its power again. There is more to burn, my brothers.
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: We seek the purity that fire brings. Unquestionable, eternal.
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: We breathe our lives into the smoke. We give birth to the ember.
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: We prod and coax the ember. We nurture it into flame. We make it speak.
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: We coax the flame with our rage. We give it a hunger, eyes, teeth!
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: And with our rage, we deliver destruction. Now! Forever!
When the Ritualists are attacked during the ritual
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: Unbelievers are corrupting the ritual! Kill them!
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: Remove the heretics! The ritual must continue!
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: Heretics are disrupting the ritual! Cleanse their blood with fire!
Upon event failure
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: The ritual is complete! Behold the power of flame!
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: Victory! Baelfire rewards the faithful and punishes the heretics!
Veteran Flame Legion Ritualist: Be humbled before the glory of fire!
Quaestor Dewclaw: This was not part of the plan.
Blazeburner Blacktail: Heretics! Did you not witness the power of flame?
Blazeburner Blacktail: You have been given a second chance. Kneel before Baelfire! Follow the true faith.
Quaestor Dewclaw: You can choke on your false god! You're as pathetic as the humans!
Quaestor Dewclaw: Let's get started
Upon event success
Arcanist Davworth: Ah, I was correct. This ancient cauldron must be drained of magic.
Quaestor Dewclaw: Only because we stopped their ritual! Don't you understand what kind of damage they could have done?
Arcanist Davworth: Yes. I could say I'm keenly aware of the damage this could cause a defenseless village.


  • This event occurs every 20 minutes.