Golem Battle Suit Prototype

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Golem Battle Suit Prototype

The Golem Battle Suit Prototype is a golem the player commands during Air Drop.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Hammer your enemy with your fists.
Turbo Laser.png
 Turbo Laser
6 5 Annilhilate
all foes in your path with a devastating laser beam.
Lightning Surge.png
 Teleporter Relay Device
2 Teleport yourself to the marked location, electrocuting foes on either end.
Static Field.png
 Lightning Field Generator
8 45 Channel a field of localized lightning around your suit.
You cannot use skills while transformed.
Redirect Arrow.png
Poison Grenade.png
 Signal Mortar
20 Mark your target with a green smoke grenade for the airship's cannons.


  • As revenants get their skills from legends, and they are not applied during this form, revenants will not have their healing, utility and elite skills available like the other professions.
  • Elementalist Glyphs will have no effect since they have no default effects and attunements will be disabled.
  • The skill #5 appears locked and is never usable.
  • Effects from weapon and armor upgrades will be active.
  • Healing, utility and elite skills will be available.
  • The Battlesuit is immune to disabling control effects.
  • Stats will be overridden, and most effects from traits will not be active, with a few exceptions like HGH.
  • Bundles from Engineering kits, conjures and consumables will be usable in this form. The bundles will deal much more damage than usual because of the increased stats, but the Battlesuit's skills have much larger base damage, and so they still deal more damage.
    • Conjures will only be usable on hand, as the golem can't pick the ones on the floor.
    • Bundles may still have other advantages the Battlesuit's skills lack, like being usable while moving, longer range, removing conditions, blinding enemies, etc.
    • Bundles are also usable while the Battlesuit skills are on recharge after using skills #2 and #4.
  • The Battlesuit's skills count as a Hammer for achievement purposes.