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Flame Effigy Embers

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Flame Effigy Embers.png

Flame Effigy Embers

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Rare material
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Astralaria III: The Mechanism
Account Bound
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Use the Searing Cauldron near Ironhead Lake in Iron Marches to combine the Wyvern's Liquid Fire, Elemental Flames, Destroyer's Heat, a Flame Effigy Embers, and a Fire Imbued Heart to create the Ultra Hot Sphere.

Hint: Gathered by looting the Champion Flame Effigy in Fireheart Rise with the Obsidian Magma Container in your inventory.

— In-game description


NPC Level Rank Locations Quantity
Champion Flame Legion Effigy
(only if the Astralaria III: The Mechanism collection is active)
8, 70, 75 Champion The Baelfire (Fireheart Rise)
Amduat Point (Fireheart Rise)
Sanguine Vault (Citadel of Flame)
Molten Foundry (Citadel of Flame)

Sold by[edit]

If this item was lost for whatever reason, it can be purchased again from the following vendor

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs Trader's Forum Lion's Arch 1,020 Karma

Used in[edit]


  • The Champion that drops this item spawns at the northeast side of the bridge (southwest of The Citadel of Flame Waypoint) during Hold the Gates of Flame against waves of Flame Legion, about halfway through the event.
  • The legendary at the end of Ferrah's path does not count.
  • The champion in Citadel of Flame story does not count.
  • A good spot to gain the item, is the bridge south of Waypoint (map icon).png The Citadel of Flame Waypoint. It seems that the elite effigy has a better drop chance as veterans. In the event there are spawning about 6-8 effigies.[verification requested]