Vitus Godslayer

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Vitus Godslayer is an charr mercenary, located at the near auction in the Memorial Quadrant of the Black Citadel. He wants to kill Gaheron Baelfire.



Vitus Godslayer, mercenary. Speak. Fast.
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"Godslayer"? Isn't that a bit presumptuous?
All goals are presumptuous until you accomplish them. And I well be the one to kill Gaheron Baelfire.
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Do you have a plan to go with that goal?
Of course. Either I will kill him, or he will kill me. Either way, I won't have to keep living in fear of berserker like Baelfire.
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You're a mercenary?
I am. Although, at the moment I'm not taking any contracts. I'm gathering intelligence on Gaheron Baelfire. He's my next target.
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Did someone hire you to take him down, or is this a vendetta?
Both. I drew up the mission for personal reasons, but wasn't hard to find eager backers. And my name will be remembered alongside the heroes of old.
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Maybe. But I don't recall the heroes of old needing sponsors.
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Okay. Good luck.
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I see.
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No. Good-bye.