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Merchant icon

Merchant map iconFishmongers are merchants offering fish exchange.

List of Fishmongers[edit]

NPC Area Zone
Astral Ward Skirmisher Bastion of Strength Amnytas
Circus Castaway Shipwreck Beach Ember Bay
Dock Worker Rata Sum Port Authority Rata Sum
Dock Worker Sanctum Harbor Lion's Arch
Kairi Kaineng Docks New Kaineng City
Merchant Free City of Amnoon Crystal Oasis
Merchant Bloated Beach Siren's Landing
Merchant Monger's Sink Iron Marches
Mori Villager Mori Village The Echovald Wilds
Olmakhan Villager Atholma Sandswept Isles
Peddler - Thousand Seas Pavilion
Shui Xunlai Jade Quarry Dragon's End
Sora Seitung Harbor Seitung Province
Taro Everclaw - Arborstone
Twoloop Trader Maladar's Inlet Frostgorge Sound

Items offered[edit]

Fishmonger Exchange

Item Type Rarity Cost Notes
Fine Fish Fillet.png Fine Fish Fillet Crafting material Fine Piece of Crustacean Meat
Fabulous Fish Fillet.png Fabulous Fish Fillet Crafting material Masterwork Fine Fish Fillet
Flavorful Fish Fillet.png Flavorful Fish Fillet Crafting material Rare Fabulous Fish Fillet
Fantastic Fish Fillet.png Fantastic Fish Fillet Crafting material Exotic Flavorful Fish Fillet
Flawless Fish Fillet.png Flawless Fish Fillet Crafting material Ascended Fantastic Fish Fillet
Mackerel.png Mackerel Bait Fine Fine Fish Fillet Requires Fishing Mastery track.
Chunk of Ancient Ambergris.png Chunk of Ancient Ambergris (5 per day) Crafting material Exotic 10 Flawless Fish Fillet Requires the mastery Local Legend.
Mini Thundershrimp.png Mini Thundershrimp Miniature Masterwork 100 Piece of Crustacean Meat Requires the mastery Local Legend.
Mini Blue Crab.png Mini Blue Crab Miniature Rare 200 Piece of Crustacean Meat Requires the mastery Local Legend.
Mini Hermit Crab.png Mini Hermit Crab Miniature Exotic 300 Piece of Crustacean Meat Requires the mastery Local Legend.