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Lesser Arcane Chest

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Lesser Arcane Chest

Lesser Arcane Chest.jpg

Horn of Maguuma
Heart of the Obscure
Other images

Opened Lesser Arcane Chest.jpg

Opened Lesser Arcane Chest

Kryptis Lesser Arcane Chest.jpg

Kryptis Lesser Arcane Chest

Opened Kryptis Lesser Arcane Chest.jpg

Opened Kryptis Lesser Arcane Chest

Lesser Arcane Chests are chests found in the Horn of Maguuma. Lesser Arcane Treasures mastery is required to be able to interact with this chest. To open it you will need to press the Channel skill 3 times (or only once, if Wayfinder Mastery is completed) before Aquatic Ruins Chest Disabled.png Time Running Out effect runs out of time. It is not required to press this skill in a row.


Horn of Maguuma

Interactive map[edit]

An interactive map of possible spawning locations:


Train the Arcane Treasure[sic] Mastery in Heart of the Obscure Research to use this device.

— in-game hint

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Flux Disruptor- Deactivate.png Channel Channel a blast of magic into the matrix at just the right time.
Flux Disruptor- Activate.png Channel...? Channel a blast of magic into the matrix at just the right time.



  • Most of the chests have an entirely random chance to spawn, much like ore nodes. Similarly, there are a few permanent locations, such as the two on the lower ring by the Dagda's Perception POI.
  • A maximum of 100 chests can be opened per day per account. This number is shared between all three maps.


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