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Vial of Manganese Dioxide

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Vial of Manganese Dioxide.png

Vial of Manganese Dioxide

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Disciplines used by
Artificer tango icon 20px.png 400
Account Bound
66 Copper coin
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Gathered from coral.

— In-game description


  • Gathered from coral, while the player has the Bifrost III: The Legend collection unlocked.
    • It is recommended to use a tool with Glyph of Bounty to increase the amount of nodes accessible by at least 33%
    • Since the drop of the Vial of Manganese Dioxide is only a rare drop from coral, it may take a while to gather the required amount for the collection.
    • This is a definite rare drop from core Tyria maps, however it does not appear to drop from any of the living story or Path of Fire maps. While the list below indicates farming spots across all maps, effort may only be rewarded on the core Tyria maps(see Notes). Some farming spots, which may be more relevant for coral than for the vial of manganese dioxide, include:
Maguuma Jungle
Ruins of Orr

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Jar of Purple Paint.png Jar of Purple Paint
(Learned from: Recipe: Jar of Purple Paint)
Exotic ArtificerArtificer tango icon 20px.png 400


  • Coral nodes can be found on the following Living World and Path of Fire maps, however the chance of Vial of Manganese Dioxide dropping is low to none[verification requested]:
Living World Season 3
Path of Fire
Living World Season 4


  • Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) is used as an inorganic purple pigment in ceramics and in glassmaking.