Harbinger (point of interest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the point of interest. For the Necromancer elite specialization, see Harbinger. For the NPC who activates challenge mode in certain fractals, see Harbinger of Woe.


Point of Interest
Drowned Brine
(Malchor's Leap)
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The Dead Ship Harbinger was the first Dead Ship ever defeated. Harbinger was sunk in 1231 AE by the Salma's Grace, a Krytan ship, and the Pride, captained by Cobiah Marriner.


  • Harbinger is inconsistently described as either a clipper or a xebec.
  • Harbinger's wreck is located off the coast of Orr, but the battle with the Salma's Grace and Pride took place in the Ring of Fire.