Master of Gambits

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The Master of Gambits are NPCs at The Crown Pavilion that allow players to select different gambits for the Queen's Gauntlet. Each gambit costs 1 Queen's Gauntlet Entrance Ticket.




Looking for a real challenge? Try a gambit! Pick any that you've unlocked, and if you survive we'll increase your earnings. Activating a gambit will cost one ticket. No refunds.
Talk back option tango.png No gambits for me, thanks.
Tick green.png Please disable my active gambits. I'd like to fight without them.
Tick green.png I'll try the Exhausted gambit. Who needs to dodge roll anyway?
Tick green.png I pick the On Fire gambit. A little burning won't hurt much.
Tick green.png I'll take the Frailty gambit. Getting hit is for chumps.
Tick green.png I'll try the Squeamish gambit. Is there going to be blood?
Tick green.png I'll try Hamstring. Even crippled, I wont be beaten.
Tick green.png I'll take on a Crowd Favorite. Being outnumbered never stopped me.
Tick green.png I'll try Descended. My skill doesn't come from force of arms alone. (Added in 2018)


  • The human Master of Gambits has Veteran rank.