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Effect type


— In-game description

Challenging are various effects granting players the opportunity to repeat any battles with previously defeated champions in the Queen's Gauntlet. Once an opponent has been defeated, it will be unlocked as an option from the Fight Manager.


  • Choosing an opponent does not cost any tickets.
  • Below are various versions of the effects, depending on the selected opponent.
Chat link Champion Effect
Halmi Hammerfell Challenging Halmi Hammerfell
Doobroosh Challenging Doobroosh
Windcaller Kieldia Challenging Windcaller Kieldia
Suriel the Blazing Light Challenging Suriel the Blazing Light
Tyre Ragemaw Challenging Tyre Ragemaw
Masticus Challenging Masticus
Salazan Challenging Salazan
The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous Challenging The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous
Subject 7 Challenging Subject 7
Deadeye Dunwell Challenging Deadeye Dunwell
Strugar and Chomper Challenging Strugar and Chomper
Liadri the Concealing Dark Challenging Liadri the Concealing Dark
Master of Lightning Challenging Master of Lightning
Pallia the Errant Challenging Pallia the Errant
Champion Gladiator Waine Challenging Champion Gladiator Waine
Suriel the Radiant Light Challenging Suriel the Radiant Light
King Turai Ossa Challenging Turai Ossa