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"Gwen" is a child running around in the Eastern Commons. She is playing the part of Gwen Thackeray in a children's game.




My aunt got me a copy of "Gwen's Story" for my last birthday. At the start of the book, she's the same age as me! Isn't that neat?
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What else happens in the book?
It starts when these bad charr set Ascalon on fire. Gwen gets kidnapped, but she escapes all by herself! Then she meets the Ebon Vanguard and eventually becomes their leader. It's my favorite story.
(If charr)
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We aren't all bad, you know.
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Charr aren't all bad, you know.
I know. This was a long time ago, back when charr and humans didn't like each other.
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All right. Just checking.
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You're a good storyteller. Thank you.
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Yeah, that's neat. Bye now.


You don't scare me.
I'm on an adventure.
Are you a hero?
Let's play a game!