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Town Criers are humans found in various parts of Divinity's Reach.



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Town Crier: I... enjoy pie.
Town Crier: ♪whistling♪
Town Crier: Shouldn't you be killing things?
Town Crier: ♪humming♪
Town Crier: Move along. Move along
Town Crier: Let's hear it for the Minister.
Town Crier: (coughing)
Town Crier: Give thanks to the queen.
Town Crier: The sun is high in the sky.
Town Crier: Seek relief in the shade.
Town Crier: Drink plenty of water.
Town Crier: And men, please cover your bald spots.
Town Crier: Dusk has fallen in Divinity's Reach.
Town Crier: If you can hear my voice, you've made it through another day.
Town Crier: Good for you!


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Hello stranger.
May the Six watch over you.
What can I do for you?
What is it?
My time is precious.
I'm not sure about this.
May Lyssa aid you.
I'm rich, you know.