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Guild Claiming.png
 Guild Claiming of an objective in World versus World allows a guild to upgrade both its defenses and defending players, significantly increasing the chances that the objective may be held longer by your team, thus improving your War Score. Only objectives that have been unlocked in a Guild's War Room may be claimed by those with sufficient privilege. Once claimed, many potential enhancements from a guild's War Chest may be slotted (configured) using the WvW Objective UI to maximize the objective's defenses. These enhancements may become available much faster than other upgrades.



Any WvW objective (Resource camps, Towers, Keeps and Castle) held by an enemy may be claimed after it is captured. To capture an objective, the main defender must first be killed then your team must control the circle that appears on the ground for 30 seconds.

Prior unlocking

Claiming an objective requires prior unlocking of the type of objective in the guild's War Room.


Guild permissions are associated with guild Rank. The following guild permissions relate to claiming:

  • Claim/Unclaim WvW Forts, allows claiming of an objective that has been unlocked and setting the Public Tactics Activation box.
  • Edit Claimable Options, allows slotting (configuration) of Tactics and Improvements.
  • Activate Claimable Tactics, allowed to activate available tactics at an objective claimed by your guild. This permission is unnecessary if the Public Tactics Activation box has been checked.
Claiming Popup (left-center screen)

If the guild formed the majority of players capturing this objective then it may be claimed immediately. A popup prompt appears allowing 15 seconds to claim the objective. When the timer expires, the guild with the next highest number of players involved in the capture is prompted to claim and so on. Only those with Claim/Unclaim WvW Forts permission whose guild has unlocked the objective are prompted. Additional options may be selected using the WvW Objective Upgrade UI.

WvW Objective Upgrade UI
Primary article: Objective upgrade#Display

If all those with priority have declined to claim the objective following capture then anyone on the same team with permissions may use this UI to claim the objective and set claiming options by:

Quartermaster's Objective Upgrade Panel

To claim an objective, click the Claim for box on the WvW Objective Upgrade UI panel. Optionally, that person may check the Public Tactic Activation box. This allows any allied player to activate available tactics and is recommended for objectives your guild does not plan to defend such as resource camps. Once claimed, the guild's auras become active and the guild's emblem appears on the banners of the fortification.

More significantly, this is an opportunity to begin slotting (configuring) guild WvW enhancements (tactics and improvements). Timers automatically begin to unlock the tiers of guild WvW enhancements. Any ally may slot (configure) guild WvW enhancements after a tier is unlocked from their own guild's War Chest.

These enhancements remain if a guild changes the objective claimed in a zone (only one objective at a time may be claimed in each zone). They may be overwritten after an allied guild has claimed the objective. All enhancements are lost when an enemy captures an objective.

Claiming is not required to complete any WvW guild mission.

Types of upgrades (Guild WvW Enhancements)

There are 4 types:

  • Automatic upgrades, become available following objective capture when the associated tier is unlocked.
  • Auras (Immediate), become available immediately following claiming.
  • Improvements (Passive), if slotted become active when the associated tier is unlocked.
  • Tactics (Active), if slotted become available when the associated tier is unlocked, but must be activated using a tactivator. There is a 15-20 minute cooldown between activations.

If a camp is not claimed then only automatic upgrades will enhance the objective. If an objective is claimed, but no improvements or tactics are slotted (configured) then only auras will be added to the automatic upgrades. All allied players in and entering the objective's area of effect receive the active enhancements. However, players will lose these bonuses upon leaving the objective's area of effect.


Buff-bar icon showing active Guild Objective Auras

There are up to 8 beneficial auras that once built, become active immediately when objective is claimed by a guild. Each Aura is a prerequisite for building the next Aura in the sequence (example: if Aura 4 is active then you must also have Auras 1, 2 and 3). A "Guild Objective Auras" icon appears in a character's buffs bar (above the utility skills) when Auras are active at an objective. Hovering over the icon displays which guild objective auras are in effect. All allied players receive these benefits, but lose them when they leave the area of effect near the objective.

If Presence of the Keep is active then allied players gain double effectiveness of all auras while within the perimeter of the keep. The initial individual supply capacity of 10 may be increased to 25 with this effect active, max supply capacity and Objective Aura 1: Supply Capacity.


Tier Tactic Description
WvW Objective Guild Tier 1.png
(Hold for 10min)
Sabotage Depot.png Sabotage Depot Deploy bombs at the supply depot that will explode if the objective is captured by an enemy team. The explosion will destroy all remaining supply at the objective.
Hardened Gates.png Hardened Gates Gates can only be damaged by siege weapons.
Armored Dolyaks.png Armored Dolyaks Dolyaks gain increased health and toughness.
Packed Dolyaks.png Packed Dolyaks Dolyaks now carry twice as much supply.
Speedy Dolyaks.png Speedy Dolyaks Dolyaks gain superspeed.
WvW Objective Guild Tier 2.png
(Hold for 30min)
Iron Guards.png Iron Guards Guards gain Iron Hide, reducing incoming damage by 50%.
Hardened Siege.png Hardened Siege Greatly reduces non-siege weapon damage to cannons, mortars, and oil pots.
WvW Objective Guild Tier 3.png
(Hold for 60min)
Auto Turrets.png Auto Turrets Automatic turrets deployed above the objective's gates.
Watchtower.png Watchtower A spy balloon is deployed above the tower, which will mark nearby enemies on the map.
Presence of the Keep.png Presence of the Keep Allied players gain double the effectiveness of the keep's objective aura while within the perimeter of the keep.
Cloaking Waters.png Cloaking Waters The fountains in the castle's courtyard grant stealth to allies.


Tier Tactic Description
WvW Objective Guild Tier 1.png
(Hold for 10min)
Supply Drop.png Minor Supply Drop Activate this Tactic to have 100 supply deposited at the objective.
Chilling Fog Tactic.png Chilling Fog Activate this Tactic to temporarily summon chill inducers that will chill invaders at the objective.
Invulnerable Dolyaks.png Invulnerable Dolyaks Activate this Tactic to make the next set of dolyaks invincible, guaranteeing that they will reach their destination.
Assault Roller.png Dune Roller Activate this tactic to summon a dune roller at your objective. The user is transformed into a car, granting them increased mobility and siege damage.
WvW Objective Guild Tier 2.png
(Hold for 30min)
Centaur Banner.png Centaur Banner Summon a Centaur Banner at your objective. This banner provides the wielder access to powerful offensive skills, as well as a break bar.
Turtle Banner.png Turtle Banner Summon a Turtle Banner at your objective. This banner provides the wielder access to powerful defensive skills, as well as a break bar.
Dragon Banner.png Dragon Banner Summon a Dragon Banner at your objective. This banner provides the wielder access to powerful offensive skills, as well as a break bar.
WvW Objective Guild Tier 3.png
(Hold for 60min)
Emergency Waypoint.png Emergency Waypoint Activate this tactic to temporarily create a uncontesable waypoint at the objective.
Invulnerable Fortifications.png Invulnerable Fortifications Activate this tactic to temporarily make all walls and gates at the objective invulnerable.
Airship Defense.png Airship Defense Activate this tactic to temporarily summon a fleet of airships to protect the castle from invaders.


Guild Claiming Panel to add Guild WvW Enhancements
After an objective has been claimed, click the
Guild Claiming.png
 Guild Claiming icon on the left-side navigation bar. This opens a new panel which enables you to slot (configure) tactics and improvements.

After claiming, any ally may fill an empty slot from appropriate items in their guild's war chest even if the objective has been claimed by another guild. However, the 3 minute build time still applies.


On the right-side of the panel, there are two columns of boxes, the left for Tactics, the right for Improvements. For a camp, there will be 2 tiers, for all other objectives there will be 3 tiers. The 3 tiers activate 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively after an objective is claimed.

War Chest[edit]

On the left side of the panel is the War Chest, by default showing all Tactics and Improvements that your guild has built at the Scribing Station which are available for slotting. If you click any of the open slots then the eligible sub-set of enhancements appears in the War Chest. Select the item in the War Chest that you wish to slot (configure) by double-clicking or drag and drop from the War Room to the open slot.

Continue the process with each box. Note, you do not need to immediately populate each box. Higher tier boxes, which take longer to activate, may be left for a later time, but this requires returning to the objective. However, if the objective is recaptured by an enemy team then all Tactics and Improvements moved from your War Chest are lost.


A tactic or improvement will begin building when slotted. Building requires 3 minutes and sufficient supply. However, if there is insufficient supply in the depot then the building process is stalled until additional supply in placed into the depot. If the tier timer expires during the building process then the improvement will not become active and the tactic will not become available until the build process completes. If a tactic or improvement is slotted after a tier becomes available then it will begin building for 3 minutes.


If slotted (configured), both Tactics and Improvements that have completed building become available when the timer for their tier expires. Improvements are passive and become active immediately, but tactics require manual activation using the corresponding Tactivator. Anyone from the claiming guild with the correct permissions can activate an available tactic . If the Public Tactic Activation box has been checked then any allied player can activate an available tactic. Activations generally have a cooldown of 15-20 minutes after use.


All allied players in and entering the objective's area of effect receive the active enhancements. However, players will lose these bonuses upon leaving the objective's area of effect.


To view the upgrade status of any objective, regardless which team owns it, open the WvW Objective Upgrade UI by:

  • Left-clicking the map icon for the objective (
    Event Camp.png
    Event Tower.png
    Event Keep.png
  • Speaking with the quartermaster at any friendly objective.
The default screen is automatic objective upgrade status. Click the
Guild Claiming.png
 Guild Claiming tab on the left-side navigation-bar to view the current status of Guild WvW Enhancements.
Timers and Tiers

The time remaining to automatically unlock remaining tiers appears on the right side of both panels. Resource camps have 2 tiers. Walled objectives have 3 tiers of objective upgrades that unlock automatically. They are timed-based from the point the objective was captured. Resource camps have 2 upgrades per tier, walled objectives have 4 upgrades per tier. Nothing will speed up or slow down this process except recapture of the objective by an enemy, which removes all upgrades, resets the timer, repairs all gates and walls.


With coordination between guilds, it is possible to dominate the weekly War Score. There are 3 keeps and 4 towers in each Desert Borderlands. If 7 different guilds on the same team with the most WvW enhancements are able to coordinate, they may theoretically capture, claim and hold all the main objectives in any Desert borderlands.

Once the main objectives are held, roving attack squads can use them as a base to recapture any minor objective (camps and shrines). Understanding the benefits of maintaining control of a keep's shrines offers significant advantages to defenders.

Objectives become steadily stronger the longer they are held. If an objective is held more then 6 hours then the combination of auras, tactics, improvements and automatic WvW objective upgrades may make it virtually invulnerable to attack. A small force can hold off many times their number of attackers indefinitely.

Only a small number of players needs to defend each objective. If their objective is attacked and they are able to build an Emergency Waypoint then allied players may come quickly to help defend the objective once a call for help is issued by the defenders. If the attacking force veers off to attack another objective rather then using another emergency waypoint, the (now) much larger defensive force may sally forth and attack.

Approximately every three hours, it is important to win the
Event collect (tango icon).png
Collect power cores and return them to a research camp to help charge the Skysplitter (80) event. Conversely, prior to attacking an enemy-held walled objective, winning this event will weaken the gates of enemy objectives.


If your guild has a prior claim on another WvW map then you will receive the same warning, but that claim will not be lost when the new claim takes effect.
  • Objective upgrades are not available for structures in Edge of the Mists.
  • There is no cost to changing which objective is being held by the guild.
  • If your guild has a prior claim then a warning is given that the new claim automatically releases the prior claim on the current WvW map. All tactics and improvements slotted into the prior objective will remain, but may be overwritten if a new guild claims the objective. [verification requested]


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