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Historical ambient dialogue for Lower Research Stacks. This was added to the game with the September 3rd, 2013 update, as part of the Super Adventure Box: Back to School release.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Ketto: At least this is better than the Intravenous Intelligizer. (snickers) Remember that debacle?
Yavvi: I can still recall the odor of burning plasma coils.
Ketto: Still, the disaster did pave the way for the Somno-Scholar.
Yavvi: Let's keep the immolations to a minimum this time.
Yavvi: Of course, there's the nausea factor we need to resolve..
Ketto: Oh, uh...yes. Obviously.
Ketto: If you had it to do all over again, would you have made the original Adventure Box?
Yavvi: Of course. It was a worthwhile project. The aftereffects, I don't think anyone could have predicted.
Yavvi: I still think you should give the presentation. Once we perfect the experiment, of course.
Ketto: But you thought up this next phase.
Yavvi: I know. I just don't feel like standing up in front of a group of people again. Last time it happened...
Ketto: I won't act like he did. I promise.
Yavvi: Don't make promises.
Ketto: Learning while you slumber. Why, the Somno-Scholar will make me famous.
Yavvi: Ahem.
Ketto: Oh, yes. It'll make us famous.
Yavvi: Yes, but that's not what I meant.
Yavvi: Our fame is premature. We haven't cracked memory retention. The subjects are only retaining 40 percent of the sleep-education sessions.
Yavvi: We need a device to document your sleep-based lessons and convert them into data you can consult the next day.
Ketto: And where are we going to get that?
Yavvi: Simple. We use the original Adventure Box framework. We alter it to record active brain waves during sleep.
Yavvi: Then, by linking the rendering to the captured brain waves, we use the Adventure Box to interface with what's recorded.
Ketto: The original Adventure Box was a massive undertaking of nuance and complexity. You expect it to be portable?
Yavvi: The Adventure Box was built years ago. Advancements in hardware will make it a snap to convert to a handheld gadget.
Ketto: Oh, Ohhhh. Why didn't I think of that?
Yavvi: I thought it would have been elementary.
Ketto: Yes, well. Wortt, get off your posterior and retrieve the Adventure Box schematics.
Yavvi: Nimbb, put your hardware skills to use building a handheld display. And lay off the sugary drinks. They make you act like a charr.
Yavvi: Hmm. Lining up the data tables, the subjects are only recalling 40 percent of what the Somno-Scholar tells them.
Yavvi: We'll have to see if it's a memory-retention problem in the subjects or an apparatus issue. I'll start running tests.
Ketto: Right, otherwise we have a bunch of test subjects as dumb as humans running around.
Yavvi: Diagnostic test 1. Memory retention viability. This will determine the maximum memory load for users of the Somno-Scholar.
Yavvi: Beginning data buffer. Running simulation. Emulation set to typical asuran brain patterns.
Yavvi: Capturing neurolinguistic matrix response in...3...2...1.
Yavvi: Capture complete.
Yavvi: Hmm. Interesting. But let's see what the next test reveals.
Yavvi: Diagnostic test 2. Determining if the Somno-Scholar is instigating a performance bottleneck.
Yavvi: Activating the Somno-Scholar architecture. Isolating first mnemonic sample.
Yavvi: Nominal response: 212 by 145. Isolating second mnemonic sample.
Yavvi: Exceptional response: 411 by 78. Isolating third mnemonic sample.
Yavvi: Above-average response: 302 by 111.
Yavvi: Experiment ends. Logging data. Now, what does it all mean?
Yavvi: Hmm. The tests are inconclusive.
Ketto: Which means we don't know what's wrong?
Yavvi: Which means we need more testing. Our problem exists outside of the simulacra we've made.
Yavvi: Times like these, I wish we had an unorthodox mind like... No, never mind.
Ketto: We don't need him. I can be as unorthodox as he was. What if ...um...I volunteered?
Yavvi: Ketto, we aren't the Inquest. I don't want you to risk your mental acuity when it's not necessary.
Ketto: I insist. After all, what's progress without a little discomfort from time to time.
Yavvi: It's not the discomfort I worry about.
Ketto: You...worry about me?
Yavvi: You're a fellow krewemate. I worry about all of us.
Ketto: Oh...
Ketto: He's back. Back at the Creator's Commons. Back with that stupid, flashy abomination.
Yavvi: (sigh) I know. Nimbb told me. Took me an hour to calm him down.
Yavvi: He'll be gone soon. Don't go and instigate anything.
Ketto: He's taunting us. You know that. He's saying "Oooo look how great I am. Don't you wish you were as clever as me?"
Yavvi: You're falsely extrapolating on data that isn't present. Drop it! We have experiments to run.
Ketto: Do you think he knows what he's done?"
Yavvi: If you're referring to whom I assume you are, then stop. It's...draining.
Ketto: Aren't you angry at what he did? I thought you of all people would be agitated, especially after he -"
Yavvi: It was a long time ago. Life goes on; krewes proceed.
Yavvi: Or something like that.