Holomancer Netto

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Holomancer Netto


Interactive map (Depths)

Holomancer Netto is a merchant found near the Peacemakers Headquarters. She has a book cart with books about cats near her.


Maguuma Jungle

Items offered[edit]

Item Rarity Cost
Feline Holoscepter.png Feline Holoscepter Exotic 30 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Feline Water Pistol.png Feline Water Pistol Exotic 2 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Feline Dispersing Emitter.png Feline Dispersing Emitter Exotic 10 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Holographic Kitten.png Holographic Kitten Exotic 1 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Feline Holoscepter.png Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter Rare 5 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Pile of Tangy Seasoning.png Bag of Simple Cat Food Basic 96 Copper coin


Ohh, a customer! Are you interested in perusing my finely crafted cat toys and peripheral items?
Talk Merchant.png Everyone likes cats, right?
Talk end option tango.png I'm really more of a dog person.


Everything has a place in the Eternal Alchemy.
How are your endeavors progressing?
My krewe is on the verge of a breakthrough.
How may I assist you?