Holomancer Netto

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Holomancer Netto


Interactive map (Depths)

Holomancer Netto is a merchant found on the lowest level of Rata Sum, near the Peacemakers Headquarters. She has a book cart with books about cats near her.


Maguuma Jungle

Items offered[edit]

Item Rarity Cost
Feline Holoscepter.png Feline Holoscepter Exotic 30 Silver coin
Feline Water Pistol.png Feline Water Pistol Exotic Gold coin
Feline Dispersing Emitter.png Feline Dispersing Emitter Exotic 10 Silver coin
Holographic Kitten.png Holographic Kitten Exotic Gold coin
Feline Holoscepter.png Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter Rare Gold coin
Pile of Tangy Seasoning.png Bag of Simple Cat Food Basic 96 Copper coin


Ohh, a customer! Are you interested in perusing my finely crafted cat toys and peripheral items?
Talk merchant tango.png Everyone likes cats, right?
Talk end option tango.png I'm really more of a dog person.


Everything has a place in the Eternal Alchemy.
How are your endeavors progressing?
My krewe is on the verge of a breakthrough.
How may I assist you?