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Coalescence III: Culmination

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Coalescence III: Culmination is a Legendary Trinkets collection achievement to obtain the Gift of Patience, an item used to create the Legendary ring Coalescence.


Coalescence III: Culmination Legendary Trinkets 10Achievement points
Your energy friend is keenly interested in your decisions.
Prerequisite: Coalescence II: The Gift
Reward:Gift of Patience.png Gift of Patience
Collected 8 Items 10Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Description
Twisted Essence of Generosity.png Twisted Essence of Generosity To exist, we must destroy those around us.
Twisted Essence of Resolve.png Twisted Essence of Resolve Fight every battle.
Twisted Essence of Trust.png Twisted Essence of Trust Success is solitary.
Worn Meditation Logbook.png Worn Meditation Logbook This book has shared much time with its companion.
Purified Essence of Generosity.png Purified Essence of Generosity The ink on this page glows brightly and reads, "To exist, we must share ourselves with those around us."
Purified Essence of Resolve.png Purified Essence of Resolve The ink on this page glows brightly and reads, "Not every battle must be fought. Not every battle must be won."
Purified Essence of Trust.png Purified Essence of Trust The ink on this page glows brightly and reads, "One cannot succeed by themselves in this world."
Infused Meditation Log book.png Infused Meditation Log book This book hums as you flip through its pages.


Interacting with the Strange Energy after collecting all Twisted Essences
The worn meditation log book in your possession looks like it belongs here.
Talk give option tango.png
[Place the book at the foot of the statue.]
Talk end option tango.png

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