Aurora: Awakening

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Aurora: Awakening is a Legendary Trinkets collection achievement to gain the Gift of Valor, a requirement for creating Aurora. This collection is the first step in obtaining this item. Each collection item after the Sentient Seed is obtained from its own achievement collection.


Aurora: Awakening Legendary Trinkets 3Achievement points
Collect all 7 items to prove your mastery over Living World Season 3.
Unlock Item:Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed
Reward:Gift of Valor.png Gift of Valor

Sentient Seed
Bloodstone Fen Hero
Ember Bay Hero
Bitterfrost Frontier Hero
Lake Doric Hero
Draconis Mons Hero
Siren's Landing Hero
Collected 7 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed Unlocks the journey to Aurora.
Bloodstone Fen Hero.png Bloodstone Fen Hero Complete Bloodstone Fen Master.
Ember Bay Hero.png Ember Bay Hero Complete Ember Bay Master.
Bitterfrost Frontier Hero.png Bitterfrost Frontier Hero Complete Bitterfrost Frontier Master.
Lake Doric Hero.png Lake Doric Hero Complete Lake Doric Master.
Draconis Mons Hero.png Draconis Mons Hero Complete Draconis Mons Master.
Siren's Landing Hero.png Siren's Landing Hero Complete Siren's Landing Master.

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