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Singe Seigemourn[1] was the Imperator of the Iron Legion ruling at least from 1219 to 1256 AE. The Iron Legion controlled Ascalon under his rule, and Singe had ordered for the development of mechanized war machines. Due to his commands, Sykox Steamshroud built an experimental engine into a boat, creating the first coal-powered naval vessel, the Havoc.[2] The intention for pushing development of new naval vessels was to be able to challenge the Kingdom of Kryta for control of the Sea of Sorrows and conquer Lion's Arch.[3][4] However, after the rise of Zhaitan, the Iron Legion had attempted peace negotiations by sending holy artifacts as an offering bound to Port Noble which ultimately failed due to pirates stealing the shipment.[5]


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    Sykox nodded. "Well, now Edair's planning to rule Kryta. News is that he's looking to increase the kingdom's holdings even before he's formally crowned. He's made no real headway in Ascalon, though. The charr are simply too much for his soldiers there." The engineer smiled proudly. "They're mostly Iron Legion, you know. Ascalon's ruled by our imperator, Singe Seigemourn. Heh heh heh. Forgive me while I indulge in a little bit of personal pride."
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    "Yes, boss." Sykox crossed his furry arms over his massive chest. "That's my design. The imperator of the Iron Legion wanted us to push the boundaries, so I did. Took one of the experimental engines we've been working on and built her into the brig. Coal-foddered pistons propel a turbine beneath her stern, pushing us forward. With that, plus the wind in her jibs, she'll go half again as fast as one of your human galleons. We can turn ninety degrees and not lose speed. Doesn't matter what direction the wind's coming from—we can strike out with or against it and still make ground." The big charr's smile faded. "Unfortunately, the Havoc's the only one of her kind. We were out of harbor on a test run for the engine when the wave hit; that's the only reason we survived at all."
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    "Our ship is the Havoc, an Iron Legion tub sailing out of the coastal fort south of the Shiverpeaks. My warband, the Steam warband, is one of two assigned to sail her. We used to be a crew of seventeen," Sykox said. "But now we're a crew of seven." He sighed and lashed his tail. "The Iron Legion's original goal was to create a naval unit that could challenge Kryta for control of the Sea of Sorrows. Maybe make an assault on Lion's Arch." [...]
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    Sykox looked uncomfortable. "Er... thought I'd mentioned this before. We studied the architectural plans of Lion's Arch in the fahrar, when I was a child. The imperator of the Iron Legion was planning for our generation to assault and seize the city. You know...when the charr were done conquering Ascalon." A sheepish smile. "Nothing personal."
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    "But you kept their money," Isaye replied. "And the charr freighter carrying Ascalonian relics?"
    "I had no idea they were carrying holy artifacts. Even if I had known, how was I to guess that they were a peace gesture bound for Port Noble? You were as surprised as I was to see those statues of Dwayna."
    "It's true, I was. But you sold them to a private collector for quite a bit of money, and that sank any hope of a treaty between Kryta and the charr," Isaye scolded [...]