Heart of the Mists (instance)

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Heart of the Mists

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Heart of the Mists (instance) map.jpg
Map of Heart of the Mists

Heart of the Mists (instance).jpg
Heart of the Mists

The tutorial island was an instance in the Heart of the Mists. Players automatically entered this instance the first time they travel to the Heart of the Mists on their account. It contained three tasks which provide an introduction to a few mechanics important in PvP; once all the tasks were finished, you could travel to the Hall of Memories via the asura gate at the north end of the map.

Once the instance has been completed by any character on the account, all characters would gain direct access to the Hall of Memories on subsequent visits.

Locations and objectives[edit]





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Trainer (x3)
Scout (map icon).png Veteran


  • This area is a shared instance like each race's starting tutorial, so anything that doesn't work within such instances will not work here either, such as the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone, or attempting to enter WvW. It is still possible to queue for arenas, however.