Jens (Lion's Arch)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC in Lion's Arch. For the norn merchant, see Jens.

Jens is a human strolling through Lion's Arch and offering tips for beginners.



Combat abilities[edit]


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A fellow traveler! I bet we've both seen our share of excitement. Me, I've been to the ends of Tyria—even built a few things along the way. Happy to share some friendly advice if it helps.
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(One of the following)
Some buy all their goods, but others prefer to make their own. You can learn from masters of cooking, armorsmithing, jewelry making, and more in every major city.
Some say the best defense is a good offense. But don't forget to dodge! Master the art of getting out of the way if you want to win every fight.
Guilds have been a Tyrian staple for generations. A strong guild can accomplish almost anything that a lone adventurer would struggle against. Consider joining—or founding—one. Five, even!
"The clothes make the champion." That's what I always say. Whether you wear the finest robes, the sturdiest armor, or plain clothing, there's something for everyone.
History is all around us. Always keep your eyes and ears open for buried ruins, tomes of lore, and artifacts tucked deep in the secret corners of the world.
Self-expression is the greatest joy. Laugh, cry, dance...let it all out! Cheer your friends on in the moment of victory. Just don't forget to start with a slash.
Don't leave home on an empty stomach. Eating a satisfying meal could make the difference between a challenging fight and a mere inconvenience. You are what you eat! Except, not exactly...
Merchants aren't the only way to do business. You can mail items and money to friends, or buy and sell almost anything via the Black Lion Trading Company.
Tyria is vast. There are countless opportunities to hone your skills and gain experience to make you stronger and more resilient, so get out there and make a difference!
Tyria is rich with natural resources, some of which are rare and valuable. Keep your eyes open, and always have gathering tools at the ready.
I don't know about you, but I need bigger pockets! When they fill up, be sure to store things in your bank. Gear, valuables, crafting materials. Whatever! There's a bank branch in every major city.
Don't be a hoarder! Not everything you acquire is useful. But one person's trash is another's treasure. Merchants are happy to buy your junk, so sell it to them and make some coin.
Isn't nature breathtaking? Don't forget to take the occasional moment to appreciate your surroundings. Some of the best vistas are hard to reach, but it is very much worth the effort to get there.
The world is a dangerous place. Why not journey with a friend?
Cherish your family, your friends, and your guildmates. They are the greatest gift you will ever receive.
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  • A reference to Jens Hauch, a longtime ArenaNet tech art lead, who passed away on March 29th, 2020.[1][2]