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Essence chests are chests in Bjora Marches that use the essence manipulation mechanic. They can be identified by their colored aura, and may be opened once per day per account. Small essence chests may be opened after the player has trained the first tier of the essence manipulation mastery that is strong against that chest's essence type. Medium and large chests require the second tier of the mastery to be trained. They do not require you to have any essence charges to be opened. Opening all chests on the eastern side of the map will earn you the Essence Looter achievement.

List of essence chests[edit]

Strength over the other essences.


Open world chests:
Strike Mission chests:


Bjora Marches[edit]

Small = T1, Medium = T2, Large = T3, Square with black border = All time accessible chests, Square with white border = Chests accessible only after the metas Storms of Winter (east) or Champion of the Ice Dragon (west), Mystery chests are available after completing Mystery of the Hidden Tower (south), Mystery of the Labyrinth (northeast) and Mystery of the Raven Gate Ruins (northwest), respectively. Note: All T1 chests in West Bjora Marches have 3 possible locations


Related achievements[edit]