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Etched weapons are an exotic weapon set that are distinctive to the Shiverpeak Mountains region. The level 80 variants are used to craft Corrupted weapons. They are found only as a random drop from enemies in the Shiverpeaks.

Variant summary[edit]

  • All variants of these weapons are FExotic and have the Shaman's prefix.
  • There is a variant at each of the levels 62, 70, 78, and 80.
  • The attached sigils are based on the weapon's level:
Level Sigil
62 Superior Sigil of Blood.png Superior Sigil of Blood
70 Superior Sigil of Vision.png Superior Sigil of Vision
78 Superior Sigil of Accuracy.png Superior Sigil of Accuracy
80 Superior Sigil of Rage.png Superior Sigil of Rage


Hand Weapon Power
Main Hand
Etched Skeggox.png Etched Skeggox 857-1,048
Etched Shard.png Etched Shard 924-981
Etched Cudgel.png Etched Cudgel 895-1,010
Etched Revolver.png Etched Revolver 876-1,029
Etched Scepter.png Etched Scepter 895-1,010
Etched Blade.png Etched Blade 905-1,000
Off hand Etched Artifact.png Etched Artifact 832-883
Etched Harbinger.png Etched Harbinger 814-900
Etched Wartorch.png Etched Wartorch 789-926
Etched Bulwark.png Etched Bulwark 806-909
Terrestrial Etched Avenger.png Etched Avenger 995-1,100
Etched Sledgehammer.png Etched Sledgehammer 985-1,111
Etched Greatbow.png Etched Greatbow 920-1,080
Etched Blaster.png Etched Blaster 986-1,205
Etched Short Bow.png Etched Short Bow 905-1,000
Etched Branch.png Etched Branch 985-1,111
Aquatic Etched Harpoon.png Etched Harpoon 905-1,000
Etched Blaster.png Etched Speargun 905-1,000
Etched Trident.png Etched Trident 905-1,000