Connoisseur of Confection

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Connoisseur of Confection is a Community achievement that has been introduced with Wintersday but can be completed year-round.


This achievement rewards a title. Connoisseur of Confection Community 10Achievement points
Eat 2,500 candy canes.Be careful about eating too much at once; those sugar crashes can be painful.
Title: Title icon.png Sweet Tooth
25 Candy Canes Eaten 1Achievement points
75 Candy Canes Eaten 3Achievement points
500 Candy Canes Eaten 3Achievement points
2,500 Candy Canes Eaten 3Achievement points


The following consumables count towards this achievement.

Item Trading post
Buy Sell
Candy Cane.png Candy Cane
Peppermint Omnomberry Bar.png Peppermint Omnomberry Bar
Scoop of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream.png Scoop of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream
Tropical Peppermint Cake.png Tropical Peppermint Cake

Consumables needed has changed to be a 5 tier achievement needing 25/100/200/400/800 to complete