Festive Imbiber

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Festive Imbiber is a Community achievement that was introduced with Wintersday but can be completed year-round.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement rewards a title. Festive Imbiber Community 15Achievement points
Drink 10,000 Wintersday drinks. These include spiced cider, buttered spirits, and eggnog.All of these holiday drinks can cause a headache!
Title: Spirited Drinker
Reward: Masterful Toast.pngMasterful Toast
50 Holiday Drinks Consumed 1Achievement points
100 Holiday Drinks Consumed 2Achievement points
1,000 Holiday Drinks Consumed 3Achievement points
5,000 Holiday Drinks Consumed 4Achievement points
10,000 Holiday Drinks Consumed 5Achievement points


The following consumables count towards this achievement.

Item Trading post
Buy Sell
Mug of Eggnog.pngCask-Strength Eggnog (Account bound) (Account bound)
Cup of Spiced Apple Cider.pngCup of Spiced Apple Cider
Festive Golem Tonic.pngFestive Golem Tonic
Glass of Buttered Spirits.pngGlass of Buttered Spirits
Mug of Eggnog.pngMug of Eggnog
Reindeer Tonic.pngReindeer Tonic
Snowman Tonic.pngSnowman Tonic

Note: Tonics can only be consumed one by one. The rest of the consumables feature the Consume All option.