Transcendent Chest of Knowledge

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Daily achievement chest.png

Transcendent Chest of Knowledge

— In-game description

Transcendent Chest of Knowledge is a reward for Daily achievements.


This achievement rewards items. Daily WvW Keep Capturer Daily 0Achievement points
Capture a keep for your realm in World vs. World.
Reward:Daily achievement chest.png Transcendent Chest of Knowledge
Captured 1 Keep 0Achievement points



Icon Link Notes
Daily achievement chest.png Normal variant
Daily achievement chest.png Deprecated variant
Daily achievement chest (Wintersday).png During Wintersday 2014
Daily achievement chest (gold).png During Lunar New Year


  • The current variant was added with the 14 June 2016 update. The deprecated variant gives 20 minutes of Experience Booster instead of the Potion of WvW Rewards.
  • Originally added to the game with the December 16, 2014 update, as part of the reworked daily achievement system.