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Farrah Cappo is a powerful Ascalonian ghost, having the skills of an Ascalonian Captain, that appears in Barradin's Vaults during Battle in the Vault, accompanied by two Cappo's Guards.



Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png Defeat the Ascalonian soldier, Farrah Cappo (6)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Weakness
  • Knocks down
  • Buffs Allies
  • Bash Bash - Basic melee attack that cleaves
  • Backbreaker Backbreaker - Melee attack that applies Knockdown.png Knockdown
  • "For Great Justice!" "For Great Justice!" - Shout that applies Might.png Might and Fury.png Fury for 6s to allies
  • Summon - Summons Ascalonian Peasants
Stolen skills


  • 2 random weapons of Fine Rarity
Name Type Rarity Quantity
Glob of Globby Goop.png Glob of Globby Goop Trophy Junk 1


There's nothing quite as enjoyable as putting a spear in the gut of a charr.
Rise up! None rest until the last charr dies!
How? How?


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Farrah Cappo.
  • In Guild Wars, Farrah says, "[t]here's nothing quite so enjoyable as putting a spear in the gut of a Charr," which is one word different from one of her Guild Wars 2 lines.
  • Capo Ferro was a renowned seventeenth-century fencing master from Siena, whose abilities are noted during The Princess Bride.
  • This NPC was a Champion until the May 20, 2014 update.