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Watchman Pramas is a the ghost of an Ascalonian soldier who lived during the aftermath of The Searing. He was tasked to return the Tome of the Fallen to its original place to calm the dead.




Who's there? I can't see you, but I know you're there. I won't let you lay hands on the Tome of the Fallen.
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I'm not after your book. How did you get this far inside our city?
I don't know. Everything is so strange. I sense you and I hear you, but I can't see you. Oh Six, take this burden from me.
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What's this burden of yours? Is it Adelbern's curse?
My king is not accursed, though this tome surely is. My unit discovered this artifact and the captain has ordered me to study it. To try to harness its powers.
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What sort of curse does that book carry?
The Tome somehow raised the fallen dead, who then savagely assaulted my comrades. I'm...ashamed to admit I fled for my life.
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I hate to tell you, but you didn't survive. You're as dead as your comrades.
No. I survived. You're one of those blasted spirits, aren't you? Returned from the grave to trick me. Be gone, shade!
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I hope you'll find some peace. Farewell.
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Sometimes it's better to die with honor than live with guilt. Hopefully, you will find peace.
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I'll leave you to your eternal pursuit.
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I won't add to your suffering. Farewell.
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I won't trouble you any further. May you rest in peace.


I took the Tome of the Fallen from the graveyard. The captain ordered me. But I didn't know it was cursed!
Now the spirits of those who lost their lives on the Wall are roaming free! Please. Take it back to the graveyard for me.


  • He is below Storm Caller Triumph point of interest (Ligacus Notos). He won't show up every night, but when he does, he remains from dusk to dawn.


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