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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Living World Season 3.

I am the last mursaat. Many years ago, you knew me as Lazarus the Dire. I have returned from the brink of existence!

— Lazarus

Lazarus the Dire is the last surviving mursaat. After being revived and empowered by the exploding Maguuma Bloodstone in 1329 AE, he has chosen to focus his efforts on fighting the Elder Dragons rather than follow Confessor Caudecus's plans to take over Kryta. To achieve his ends, Lazarus aims to join forces with the Pact Commander and Dragon's Watch.


Lazarus the Dire was one of the mursaat who met with Saul D'Alessio, which led to the founding of the White Mantle cult. Many believed he was killed along the rest of his kind during the Krytan Civil War that occurred over 250 years ago, but he had actually survived, albeit severely weakened due to his power being turned against him. He went into hiding but not before swearing vengeance on countless generations for what had been done to him. The remnants of the White Mantle took care of the weakened Lazarus and began researching ways to revive him, viewing him as the last of their "gods" who would restore the cult back to power in Kryta.

During their research on the bloodstone in Bloodstone Fen that began in 1325 AE, the White Mantle fractured into two factions: those following Confessor Caudecus's plans to overtake Kryta, and those following High Inquisitor Xera's plans to use the Maguuma Bloodstone to revive and empower Lazarus, whom they viewed as their true leader, behind Caudecus's back.

Lazarus was finally revived in 1329 AE, just before a group of adventurers raided the White Mantle's Stronghold of the Faithful. Shortly afterwards, the Maguuma Bloodstone exploded, and Lazarus absorbed much of its power. He revealed himself when the Pact Commander's party was fighting against Caudecus's forces. He ousted Caudecus, who had refused to submit to him, as a heretic and killed many of the Confessor's followers, thus furthering the splintering of the White Mantle before disappearing once more.

Lazarus showed up some time after in Tarir, the Forgotten City to help the Pact Commander and the Luminate defend Glint's recently hatched child, Aurene, against invading Destroyers. After the battle, Lazarus made his intentions known: he claimed to have learned from the mursaat's past mistakes and wished to align himself with the Commander, believing that the two of them together, along with Lazarus's White Mantle faction, could be a great force against the Elder Dragons. Although the Commander's party was skeptical about Lazarus's earnestness given the mursaat's past deeds, Marjory Delaqua volunteered to accompany Lazarus to find out whether he was truly being genuine or not. Lazarus accepted Marjory's terms and left Tarir with her.

After the Pact Commander eliminated Confessor Caudecus and investigated his personal quarters in the manor, it is revealed that Caudecus held on to an aspect required to revive Lazarus, meaning that the current version of Lazarus that Marjory Delaqua has been accompanying is fake, and that the real Lazarus is still out there.

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Living World Season 3[edit]


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  • During his revival, Lazarus mentions the White Mantle being in "a dire state." This is a reference to his name in the first Guild Wars, "Lazarus the Dire."