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Kournan Chest

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Kournan Chest

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Domain of Kourna
(Crystal Desert)

Kournan Chest are chests scattered throughout the Domain of Kourna.


Crystal Desert
  • Domain of Kourna
    • Dabiji Hollows
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Pogahn Bluffs Proving Ground 2 chests near the consoles upstairs
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Research Vault Alpha 2 chests
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Research Vault Beta 1 chest
      • 2 chests behind a wall in the lower caves that can be destroyed by using Barrier Smash (South-South-East ofPoint of interest (map icon).png Research Mainframe Access)
    • Front Line
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Gandara Western Approach 2 chests on the tar
    • Gandara, the Moon Fortress
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Imperial Center for Applied Pestilence 9 chests as part of the Containing the Scarab Plague meta event:
    • Ntouka Pond
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Deeprift Brood 2 chests in nooks in the underwater caves
      • 2 chests all the way up on the cliffs between Ntouka Lake and Arkjok Farmlands, guarded by harpy groups with a Veteran Matriarch Protector.
    • Veldrunner Drifts
    • Yohlon Bluffs
      • Point of interest (map icon).png Dunlon Springs 2 chests,the chest on land is guarded by a Veteran Water Djinn and two Ice Imps that will spawn when the player approaches.
    • Bitterfly Bayou
      • 2 chests south east of the area in a cave that can be destroyed by using Barrier Smash
    • Corsair Landing
      • 1 chest above the cave, south west of heart


After helping your allies secure key positions in the Awakened Inquest facility
After ending the plague experiments
After looting the Inquest Lab using the Access Card
Found throughout Domain of Kourna's landscape


  • Drop research can be found here.
  • There is a large-sized Kournan chest in the Awakened Inquest treasure chamber accessible after the Containing the Scarab Plague meta event that drops Empyreal Fragments instead of Dragonite Ore and 3 pieces of Unidentified gear instead of the usual 2.
  • Updated to grant a guaranteed Inscribed Shard after the July 24th 2018 patch.