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Skill Field Weapon Description
Vortex.png Vortex Ethereal field Spear Create a vortex at your location, pulling nearby foes toward you.
Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm Ethereal field Staff Create a magical storm at the target location that applies random conditions to foes and boons to allies. The first strike of the storm dazes foes.
Temporal Curtain.png Temporal Curtain Light field Focus Create a wall of energy that grants swiftness to allies who cross it and cripples foes who touch it. Allies may cross the wall more than once but receive less swiftness after the first crossing.


Skill Finisher Weapon Description
The Prestige.png The Prestige Blast finisher Torch Disappear in a cloud of smoke, blinding nearby foes and losing conditions. Reappear three seconds later, burning nearby foes.
Feigned Surge.png Feigned Surge Leap finisher Spear Clone. Surge toward your foe, striking enemies on the way and creating a clone upon reaching your initial target.
Phase Retreat.png Phase Retreat Leap finisher Staff Clone. Teleport away from your target, summoning a clone that casts Winds of Chaos.
Phantasmal Swordsman.png Phantasmal Swordsman Leap finisher Sword Phantasm. Perform a sword strike and create an illusion that attacks your foe. If the sword strike hits, you gain might.
Arcane Thievery.png Swap Leap finisher Sword Swap places with your clone. Immobilize nearby foes.
Magic Bullet.png Magic Bullet Projectile finisher Pistol Hit up to four foes with a single shot, inflicting confusion on each foe. In addition, the first target is stunned, the second is dazed, and the third is blinded.
Phantasmal Duelist.png Phantasmal Duelist Projectile finisher Pistol Phantasm. Fire multiple crippling bullets at your target and summon an illusion that unloads its pistols on your target.
Phantasmal Warden.png Phantasmal Warden Whirl finisher Focus Phantasm. Create a phantasm that throws axes at nearby targets and creates a defensive bubble, protecting itself and allies from projectiles.
Phantasmal Berserker.png Phantasmal Berserker Whirl finisher Greatsword Phantasm. Throw an illusionary greatsword at your foe, removing boons from struck enemies. Create a phantasm that whirls through foes.