Super Adventurer's Quest

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Super Adventurer's Quest is a Super Adventure Box achievement which unlocks the ability to upgrade the Mini Bomb skill to Mega Bomb.


Super Adventurer's Quest Super Adventure Box: World 1 5Achievement points
Find secret items in the Adventure Box to trade your way to a new upgrade!
1 Item Found 0Achievement points
5 Items Found 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint Zone Last Checkpoint Description
Princess Miya's Tiara.png Extra Tiara PROGENY TIP: Buried at the top of the tree at the very beginning! Zone 1 Start Use  Dig (Digger).png Dig at the top of the tall tree in the lake at the start.
Auspicious Hat.png Auspicious Hat PROGENY TIP: Use the BOMB to open a cave in the SUNNY GLADE! Zone 1 Checkpoint 2 Speak to the Fancy Proprietor in Furniture Shop #1.
Majestic Crown.png Majestic Crown PROGENY TIP: You can drain the IMPROPER WATER using the BOMB! Zone 2 Checkpoint 3 Speak to the previously submerged Shopkeeper after draining the water that reveals Furniture Shop #3.
Moto's Staff Design.png Secret Key PROGENY TIP: Climb down carefully in the HUB! Hub - Speak to the Tribulation Cloud a on a ledge to the left behind the portal house to World 2.
Incredible Reward.png Incredible Reward PROGENY TIP: Use the BOMB to find the SECRET CANNON at the start of the KINGDOM OF FUNGUS! Zone 3 Start (It is recommended to purchase some Health Potions from the first vendor before embarking, as you will be forced to spend some time in toxic water.)
  1. Head towards Digging Spots #2a and #2b
    1. Make your way towards Digging Spot #1 above the starting area, but stop on the second platform before jumping over to the final platform.
    2. Bomb the wall facing the final platform to open the path to the secret cannon. Jump into the barrel of the cannon to get shot to a nearby tree branch. Run to the top of the branch and jump down into the toxic water-filled area to the right.
    3. Follow the path of toxic water until you reach a dead end. Jump up onto the waterfall to your left and run back along it until you see a narrow ledge to your left (about halfway back the waterfall). Jump to it and climb up to the top.[1]
      • Tip: jumping constantly can help to minimize damage.
    4. Return to the back wall of the dead end and climb onto the ledge, then head left and drop down onto the next row of rocks. Make your way to the opposite end until you reach another waterfall and a swarm of snakes.
    5. Climb up onto the platform with a SAB 1-Up Icon.png1-Up (there are also two 50-bauble dig spots here).
  2. Run across the top of the wall until you reach the end of the maze. Drop down to find the chest.


  • All items can only be acquired in the order presented.
  • All items can also be acquired in Infantile Mode.
  • All characters may retrieve the Mega Bomb from the final chest once this achievement has been completed.


  • The "Progeny Tip" applied to each item is a reference to protips from GamePro magazine.

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