Wooden Whistle (skill)

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Wooden Whistle (skill).png

Wooden Whistle

0.25¼ Activation time  

Common Common
Super Adventure Box
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Equip a wooden whistle.

— In-game description [?]

Replaces the skill bar with the following:

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Do (Super Adventure Box).png Do 1 No skill description found.
2 Re (Super Adventure Box).png Re 1 No skill description found.
3 Mi (Super Adventure Box).png Mi 1 No skill description found.


  • See Wooden Whistle for a list of songs and their effects.
  • Notes have a duration of 1 second, or until another note is activated or the bundle is dropped.
  • Unlike other Super Adventure Box bundles, the Wooden Whistle does not replace a skill with Stow. Instead, it creates a "Drop Bundle" button to the left of the skill bar, similar to how most bundles behave in the outside game.