Genie of the Box

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Genie of the Box

The Genie of the Box is a friendly NPC encountered in zone 1 of world 3 in the Super Adventure Box. He rewards the player with a secret.


Maguuma Jungle


Genie of the Box: I am the GENIE OF THE BOX. You've braved many dangers. You should be rewarded... with a secret.
Genie of the Box: MOTO won't tell you this, but there's a secret way to win the SUPER ADVENTURE BOX. You must defeat the TRUE ENEMY'S MACHINE.
Genie of the Box: Find the hidden CODE on the ROCK. With the CODE, seek out the secret entrance to the LAB.
Genie of the Box: You can find the LAB near Research Waypoint, in the depths of Rata Sum.
Genie of the Box: Destroy the TRUE ENEMY'S MACHINE and you will win. Go forward. Be the winner!


  • Probably a reference to the Game Genie, a RAM editing device used to implement cheat codes by overwriting game memory.