Master of Decor, World 2

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This achievement rewards items. Master of Decor, World 2 Super Adventure Box: World 2 6Achievement points
Find all the furniture shops in World 2. Completing this achievement along with the one for World 1 will unlock a vendor tab on Motos' assistants.Only the finest from the finest.
Reward:Bag of Fancy Furniture Coins.png Bag of Fancy Furniture Coins

  • Where the river splits.
  • Between two ferns.
  • A fluffy trap door.
  • All together now!
  • Under the pyramid of pain.
  • #?@!
Found 2 Furniture Shops in World 2 2Achievement points
Found 4 Furniture Shops in World 2 2Achievement points
Found 6 Furniture Shops in World 2 2Achievement points

Hidden furniture shop locations[edit]

Room Hint Zone Location
1 Where the river splits. Rapids Located after the first checkpoint, cross the river and then make a left before the bridge, and jump over the smaller river nearby. Looking up you'll see a tree above you. Jump back across the small river to the open section, climb up the wall on the left and, heading left again, jump from the ledge towards the tree seen earlier. Climb up left of the water and go along the lower set of ledges until you reach what appears to be the end of the ledge. Bomb the wall to reveal the shop, jump down to ledge right in front of it to enter.
2 Between two ferns. Rapids Use the path mentioned the start of Area 8 to get to the area with the green bauble. Bomb the wall by the two ferns to find the shop.
3 A fluffy trap door. Pain Cliffs Use the cloud shortcut just after the fifth checkpoint, and shortly after reaching the clouds, stand on the small patch of crumbling clouds to find the shop.
4 All together now! Pain Cliffs Cannot be reached easily if you are taking the easy route. After taking the long exit from the teleporter maze (forward, left) you will reach a checkpoint followed by many jumps over small platforms; instead, take the first jumppad to the furniture shop on the roof of the checkpoint building. If you have used the Shortcut Eagle, do not activate the final checkpoint after landing, instead simply jump off the platform to respawn at the start of the teleporter maze.
5 Under the pyramid of pain. Storm Top In the area with the Yeti carefully jump down to the ledge on the right of the checkpoint and make your way to the back wall. Use a bomb on the wall to reveal the shop.
6 #?@! Storm Top This shop is located right before the seventh checkpoint, in the room with the puzzle with the lights that turn on and off and the jumping goats. Jump up to the second layer, and bomb the wall to the right to reveal the shop which is...entirely slanted and run by a goat.


  • In furniture shop 6, the goat shopkeeper's speech bubble translates to:
Baaaa baaaa baaa ba
Baaaa baaaa baaa ba
Baaaa baaaa baaa ba

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