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Jade Armor

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Jade Armor

I'm still working on the size issue.

— Explorer Rakk

Jade Armor is a miniature Jade Construct pet that is summoned with the Pocket Jade Armor consumable from Explorer Rakk in Ember Bay after completing his heart quest. When summoned, it will assist the player in attacking enemies. It disappears after 5 minutes of being summoned or when it or the player is defeated.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Punch - The armors basic attack, briefly channels a punch that causes damage.
  • Forceful Blow - The armor channels a spinning attack, hitting enemies in melee range 4 times.


  • When summoned during the Story Step Old Foes, Old Ghosts when the player has Mursaat Armor, the Jade Armor can be attacked by other players who do not have Mursaat Armor.
  • Even though "Forceful Blow" deals massive damage and launches players when used by Veteran, Elite or Champion versions of this summon, the version the summon uses does not do any CC and deals much less damage.