Snow Wurm

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Snow Wurm

Ice Wurm.jpg


The Norn race have the ability to summon Snow Wurms using the skill Call Wurm. Snow Wurms can move and attack at range. However, they will only follow their master during combat and they will die 45 seconds after being summoned if not killed in combat.

Combat abilities[edit]

11 000 health at level 80. The damage below is to medium armor with no extra toughness at level 80.

  • Wurm Spit - ranged attack, hits for 500-600 damage (single target).
  • Bite - melee attack, hits for 100-200 damage (single target).
  • Rock Shards - burrows, moves to the target, unburrows and deals 100-200 area damage.


  • While the damage and health of the Snow Wurm is similar to other Elite skill summons, note that the Snow Wurm is not very mobile, has a slow attack, and cannot use Wurm Spit constantly (the wurm is occasionally forced to use Bite instead which deals less damage).