Ogre Pet Whistle

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Ogre Pet Whistle.png

Ogre Pet Whistle

Item type
Req. level
Soulbound on Acquire
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Double-click to consume.
Double-click to call an ogre pet to aid you for 5 minutes.

— In-game description

Ogre Pet Whistle is summon consumable that allows the player to spawn a random creature that fights with the player for 5 minutes. Using the item will apply the Ogre Pet Whistle.png Ogre Pet Whistle effect, which indicates the cooldown until Ogre Pet Whistle can be used again.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gortho, Son of Malik Gortho, Son of Malik Gladefall Run
Ebbing Heart Run
Iron Marches
Iron Marches
Silver coin 4 Copper coin

Possible summons[edit]

The Ogre Pet Whistle summons one of the following creatures randomly:


  • Use of this item is on a 30-minute cooldown; the maximum duration of the pet is 5 minutes. This cooldown does not reset upon death.
  • The summoned ogre pet is set to the local effective level and will not be scaled up or down further, even when moving to other areas.
  • The cooldown and the ability to summon the ogre pet is not affected by the use of other objects that create NPCs, such as the Fire Elemental Powder.
  • This item cannot be used in WvW.


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